Fedor YAMINSKY — CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO of START Innovations, Fedor Yaminsky, has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Having studied Computer Science at the Australian National University, Mr. Yaminsky has also graduated (MSc) from the Moscow State University. Mr. Yaminsky and held executive positions at  Schlumberger, being responsible for the smart card unit in the CIS region, and at AIRCOM International, heading company’s operations in Russia.

Since 2006 Fedor Yaminsky has been driving innovative solutions development business at START Innovations, in partnership with the leading international network service provider groups. Today, industry-pioneering Network Management and Orchestration (MANO) and Monitoring solutions, engineered by START Innovations, allow to standardize and control the entire network equipment infrastructure of Tier-1 and Tier-2 national carriers, end-to-end, increasing mobile data revenue and improving Quality of Experience for the subscribers as part of carrier’s Digital Transformation.

Evgeny PRIVALOV — Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Privalov has graduated (MSc) from the Aerospace University of  Samara in 2007, specializing in Automation and Monitoring. Since his graduation Mr. Privalov held several management positions at MegaFon, focusing on OSS solutions and IT infrastructure. Mr. Privalov has joined START Innovations team in 2012. Initially heading the Performance Management business line, Mr. Privalov has been since driving START Innovations company strategy for OSS/NFV and the Configuration Management and Fault Management business lines.

Alexey GALCHENKOV — Chief Operational Officer

Mr. Galchenkov holds an MSc degree from the Moscow State University of Electronics and Mathematics, with specialization in  Information Security and Cryptography. Mr. Galchenkov has joined START Innovations team in 2011, focusing on sales, operational activities and project management.

Maria ALEXEEVA — iOSS Product Director

Ms Alexeeva holds an MSc degree from the Computer Sciences department of the Baumann State University, and she joined START Innovations team in 2010 as a research developer. Having held several positions at START Innovations, Ms Alexeeva’s focus has always been on new features and integrated solutions within the iOSS modular framework.