Strategic management independent advisory is based on the extensive experience of START Innovations partnerships with the world’s leading multi-national enterprises. This service is aimed to facilitate digital transformation and is offered in conjunction with industry’s most senior experts and consultants.


The discovery phase of the advisory services includes deep analysis of the current workflows of the existing technical business processes within the company at all regional and divisional levels. The degree of business processes automation and use of tools of the trade is being studied, detailing tool usage patterns and scope. Resource bottlenecks and potential risks, as well as duplication and excessive overheads are being identified during this phase. Audit reports are issued and discussed with the management team.


The optimization phase of the advisory services is based on the comparison of the audit results against the industry’s best practices and known future-proof solutions. Key goals and phases of the transformation are being defined and proposed to the senior management team, detailing changes, timelines and benefits of each phase. Costs, benefits and risks are re-assessed and any assumptions made are challenged. Extensive discussions are being held on-site, resulting in formalization of each step of the transformation in form of an agreed action plan.


During the implementation phase, the transformation action plan execution is thoroughly controlled by the advisory team, allowing smooth and efficient transition. Fine-tuning of the action plan is performed on the spot, when applicable, ensuring that all deadlines and targets are met during the transformation. New roles and responsibilities are formalized and distributed to the teams, with appropriate trainings and on-the-job mentoring delivered. Final report, including any post-transformation recommendations, is issued at the conclusion of the transformation.


Whether the enterprise workflows are handled in-house, or outsourced to professionals, transparent control, constant evolution and auditing of Key Quality Indicators (KQI’s) is essential to ensure high Quality of Experience (QoS) and Net Promoter Score (NPS), as well as meeting the Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for the VIP and Corporate segments. During the management phase, network KQI’s and threshold values are updated as the network grows to have new software and equipment and QoS expectations and SLA terms evolve. Offered independently, this service ensures transparency of operations at all times, changing «trust» model to efficient investment and expense control.