START Innovations Company Profile

As the revenue stream of network service providers (NSPs) evolves from voice services to data, NSP’s focus moves towards the digital domain, which requires network agility, reliability and bandwidth. Digital Transformation through automation and centralization has been the key focus of START Innovation business for over 10 years.

START Innovation’s Agilarium solution is an open, next-generation Network Management and Orchestration (MANO) platform with end-to-end network monitoring functionality for closed loop DevOps and agile service and virtual infrastructure deployment. IOSS is a completely vendor and technology agnostic platform that abstracts all network devices and simplifies their management. Automatic collection and centralization of the entire network’s equipment configuration, software and hardware, licensing and performance information endorses transparent and efficient management of the infrastructure, significantly reducing network OPEX and improving the Quality of Experience for the subscribers.

Agilarium solution and Agilarium-based professional services are used by the world’s leading carriers for end-to-end network optimization, automatic inventory deployment, centralized troubleshooting, Service Operational Center (SOC) workflow automation, safe network operations outsourcing, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance control and much more!